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All-Inclusive Harp Therapy Package

From one of the luminaries of Harp Therapy – Everything you need to get started or to enhance your harp therapy practice!

Customize your package – you can choose just the items you want.

1. A beautiful Smart Stand (for harps up to 13 lbs.) and case

3. A Rolling Smart Cart and cart case

4. Harp Therapy Book Collection

5. A Tone Bar (see illustration)

7. A Clip-on Music Stand

8. A clip-on electronic tuner

9. A beautiful harp and case: 22 strings base price $1200 – OR 26 strings base price $1850 – OR 30 strings base price $2400 (30-string harps go with a plain Smart Stand because they would cover the overlay design). You will be directed to the harp maker for details and payment for the harp and case. Advice on double-strung harps is also available.Access to ergonomic instruction

10. Access to advice by email or Zoom

11. Recommendation for the best folding stool

Smart Stand in cherry or walnut with your choice of available designs, or plain (see them on the How to Order page).

The Tone Bar – this goes between the harp and stand – it enhances the tone of your harp and provides a slight adjustment to the angle. (available soon)

The rolling Smart Cart – Roll your harp and stand from room to room! Match your wood choice to your harp and cart. It even gives you a space under the stand to store your tuning key and personal items.

SEVERAL BOOKS of your choice:

Handbook of Harp Therapy

Why Music Heals

Body Mind and Music;

Singing the Universe Awake;

Play the Therapy Harp

Composing Healthcare Music;

How to Start a Therapeutic Music Program in Your Local Hospital or Hospice.

(See many more books at

Your Discounts:

When you order stand, cart, and cases, we subtract $20

When you also order more than four books, we subtract another $15

When you also order a clip-on tablet stand and clip-on tuner, we subtract another $15

ORDER FORM – copy this form and email or send it by postal mail

Date of order____________________________________


Postal Address: ______________________________________________________________________



Phone number: ________________________

Where did you hear about the Smart Stand and Cart?_________________________________________________

___ Please send me information on ordering ___a therapy harp __ a double strung harp __A folding stool


___ Smart Stand and Smart Cart with cases $630 (You save $20)

STAND Wood type:    __ cherry __walnut

Stand Overlay Design (from designs shown at    ________________________________

CART wood type: __ cherry __walnut (please be aware that there may be natural variations in wood colors)

___Tone Bar – $20

___Clip-on Tablet Stand – $200

___Electronic tuner – clips onto the Smart Stand $16


___Handbook of Harp Therapy $15

___Body, Mind and Music $22

___Why Music Heals $15

___Play the Therapy Harp $15

___Composing Healthcare Music $13

___How to Start a Therapeutic Music Program in your Medical Facility $14

___The Harper’s Manual $22

___Basic Harp for Beginners $13

___You Can Teach Yourself Lever Harp $19.95

___The Double Strung Harp Beginner’s Book $35

___The Double Strung Harp (for those who already play harp) $23

__ PayPal (add $15 for PayPal fee) an invoice will be sent to you at the email address you provide above.
__ Credit card (add $10 for credit card fee) Please provide your card number, expiration date, CVV number and zip code.

Shipping fees will be added to your order and will depend on how many products are in your package. Discounts will be figured into your final price.

Send this form by email to, or by postal mail to Laurie Riley, PO Box 1748, Port Townsend WA 98368

Questions? I am happy to discuss details of your order. Email

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