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This beautiful, sturdy playing stand for small harps (warranteed up to 15 lbs. for harps sold after Nov. 20, 2021) is so much more than just something to hold your stand! This stand is an enhancement to the look of your harp, made from high quality materials and designed to be ergonomically comfortable. And it can even improve the sound of your harp! The Smart Stand holds your harp conveniently and securely at a height that is right for you (it’s adjustable), at an easy-to play angle. You never have to tip it back or grasp it! Its unique design also acts as an extended soundboard, which can enhance the tone of your instrument, and you can even clip your electronic tuner onto it! The stand easily folds flat for transport. It is perfect for many types of small harps without feet, such as lap harps, therapy harps, and others that are too small to sit on the floor.
This ergonomically designed stand is made available by Laurie Riley, a pioneer in the field of ergonomics with over 30 years of helping harpists play pain-free.

“A quick note to let you know the harp stand has been delivered safely. i am thrilled to bits with it. The stand is easy to transport, so it’s much easier taking the small harp and the stand, than it is taking my big harp.” – Carolann Wake

The Smart Stand is a patented design (#D880207) and may not be copied for any purpose.

“The stand is perfect! It is beautifully made and the curve of my Marini lap harp works well.  I will definitely be taking this to workshops and it won’t be difficult to juggle everything. It really opens up lots of possibilities for lap harps to be played and displayed.” –    Nancy Atwood


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