Make it easy on yourself!

A Cart for your Smart Stand!

Easily roll your harp around! And you don’t even have to take the stand off the cart to play!

The Smart Cart has brakes on the wheels, so you can set it to stay put, and sit down to play without any hassle! The unique Smart Cart is specially made to precisely and securely fit your Smart Stand so you can safely and easily roll it from room to room.

There’s even a little space where you can tuck your tuning key, glasses, and tuner – on the cart right under the stand!

The Smart Cart weighs only 6 lbs., and adds 4 inches of height to your Smart Stand. Since the Smart Stand already has several adjustment options, you can easily adjust your harp to the right height for playing comfortably while on the cart.

The Smart Cart comes in solid cherry or walnut. It is made specifically to fit the Smart Stand, which is a patented design. It is for use with the Smart Stand only.

Price: $185 plus shipping by standard first class postal mail (West Coast and Mountain States $20; Midwest and Eastern States $33)

A Padded Case for your Smart Cart!

…with inside pockets for your music books!

Price $45 plus shipping


Questions? Email me:

“The cart is absolutely perfect!  It makes moving the harp around so much easier.” – Ina Alexander

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