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Frequently Asked Questions

What size harps work with the stand? It’s the weight rather than the size that matters. It is warranteed up to 15 pounds for stands sold after Nov. 20, 2021.

Is the height adjustable? The Smart Stand has five height adjustments, and most harps also have more than one sound hole, so there is a substantial adjustment range.

Can I use a Smart Stand with my double-strung harp? Of course! As long as it’s 13 lbs. or less. (If you have a Marini or a Hayden double, please consult with us for instructions.)

Can I stand up with this stand? The Smart Stand is meant to sit with. 

What makes this stand more practical than others? There are several advantages:

  1. It is ergonomically designed by a professional ergonomist, for maximum comfort.
  2. It enhances rather than detracts from the appearance of your harp.
  3. It prevents the harp from wobbling, so you never have to grasp the harp.
  4. You can take your harp off the stand in one motion with one hand, simply by lifting it off the knob (see the video on the home page).
  5. You can get the rolling Smart Cart to go with your stand.
  6. The stand folds flat in one easy motion, for transport.
  7. When in its case, it’s easy to carry on the same shoulder as your harp.
  8. You never have to disassemble the stand.
  9. It is so sturdy that you can walk away and leave your harp on it as though it were a floor harp (of course, in rooms with foot traffic or pets, always put your harp on the stand in a safe corner).
  10. You can adjust the height of the harp on the stand.
  11. You never have to lean it back – the stand puts your harp at a comfortable playing position.
  12. You can adjust the visual angle of the harp (tilt it sideways) if you wish, so you can see your strings more easily.
  13. You can lift the stand in one hand and the harp in the other to carry them from room to room, or roll it on the Smart Cart.
  14. The hinges can be easily adjusted if the floor is uneven.
  15. It enhances the tone quality of most small harps, because it acts as an extended soundboard.
  16. You can clip your electronic tuner to the stand!
  17. It will not damage the back of your harp.
  18. You can get it in a wood that matches your harp, with an overlay design that enhances your harp, or without a design.

What are the stands and carts made of? The carts are made of solid wood. The stands, like most high quality harp soundboards, are made of top-grade laminate to make assure that they cannot warp or crack. They are finished with a durable matte varnish, and require very little care. If you spill something on the stand or cart, or scuff it, regular furniture polish can be used. Treat it with the same care as you treat your harp: protect it from cement, stone, or gravel surfaces, rain, and rough handling.

Why isn’t the stand cheaper?

The Smart Stand is a top-quality, handmade accessory that is meant to match the quality and beauty of a well-made harp. The construction is precise, the hardware is the best available, the hinges are adjustable, the overlay designs are hand-cut, and the finish is harp-quality. The materials and the time that go into the making of this product by a skilled craftsman mean that the cost of making it is significant.  Most manufactured products are priced at two to four times the cost of materials and labor, but we charge less than 1.5x our costs, so you can have the best quality product at the most reasonable possible price.

Can you ship outside the U.S.? Yes.

Can I adjust it if it wobbles on my floor? Yes. The hinge assemblies are adjustable so that it will sit squarely on any floor.

Can you store the harp on the stand? Absolutely. It is made so you can leave your harp on the stand when you are not playing.

Why shouldn’t I tip it back to my shoulder? The Smart Stand holds your harp at an ergonomically healthy angle so you can see and reach your strings well without discomfort. There is no need to tip it back.

What if I want to return it? If the stand doesn’t appeal to you, our policy is to refund the price of the stand if it is returned in new condition within two weeks  –  all you pay is the return shipping. If the stand has a functional defect, our warranty provides for a full refund in such a circumstance.

What makes the addition of a Smart Cart so practical? The unique Smart Cart is specially made to precisely and securely fit your Smart Stand so you can safely and easily roll it from room to room. Each wheel has a brake so you can keep the entire assembly (harp on the stand on the cart) in place for playing. The cart is made from solid wood.

Will the wood of the cart match the stand exactly? Wood has natural variations from piece to piece, so a perfect match cannot be guaranteed. The colors will be close and compatible.

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