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From happy customers:

“The price of this stand is absolutely worth every penny. This is simply the most beautiful harp stand I have ever seen. It enhances the look of my harp as well as the sound of it, It is very comfortable to sit with, and not having any weight on my lap or shoulder is such a benefit. I can also see my strings better this way. ” – Yrena Mastrakovik

“I absolutely LOVE this stand. It is even better than the pictures. The cherry wood matches perfectly with my harp. The instructions were so clear. I appreciate how the adjustments allow the harp to be placed in the perfect position for playing, making it so much more than just a stand. My little harp has only one good-sized hole in the back, so the lowest position worked quite well. The pictures really don’t do this solidly built stand justice. I am just thrilled with it.” – Maris Whetstone

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Smart Stand. The walnut looks gorgeous with my therapy harp, which is now displayed in my studio rather than being packed in its bag. Gigging has been a dream too, I don’t have to worry about placing my small harp on the floor or balancing it on my knees. And no more left shoulder pain because I can sit back from the harp and play with ease.”

“I got my harp stand. You are so right about it acting as a sound board. It really makes a difference. Thank for an awesome invention!” – Stacy Salles

“The Smart Stand is really a great innovation and I cannot overstate how wonderful it is to stand up after a long session with no back discomfort! ”  –  Jennifer Ogan

“My Smart Stand increases the volume and depth of my 26-string Harps of Lorien Raphael and makes it sound like a much bigger harp. It is easy to set up and adds to the beauty of the harp. I love it!” – Sara Boore

“I love the stand. It holds the harp at the perfect level for playing. It’s lovely to look at and easy to set up. I use it for both my Phillip Boulding Tristy Lap harp and my Blevins Vesper Double Strung. They both set easily on the stand and are so easily played ergonomically. Thank you for your ingenuity and perseverance in developing this stand. It’s a real blessing for the lap harp!” – Susan Vaughan, Certified Music Ergonomist

“I love it!  It’s so comfortable to use, and the bonus of the additional sound from the extended soundboard is amazing.  Thank you!” –  Pat DeMeo

My harp stand arrived today. It’s beautiful. The packaging was great at protecting the stand …  With each layer of packaging removed, my anticipation of the final reveal was heightened. I love it. Thanks so much for a producing a quality product.  –  Cynthia Colvin

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