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What is the Smart Stand and What Does it Do?

The Smart Stand is a high quality, handmade work of functional art and should be treated as carefully as you treat your harp.

All Smart Stands come with  instructions and a warranty to the original owner. For complete information on using the Smart Stand, please see the video on the home page.

The Smart Stand ™ is designed for harps up to a maximum of 13 pounds, with flat or staved back. If the sound hole is round it must be at least 2 inches in diameter. (If the hole is oval it will fit the knob no matter the measurement.) You can adjust the position and height of the reversible knob/clamp at the top of the stand: there are several levels of adjustment to set the right height for you. The knob goes in the front it you want quick and easy attachment/removal of the harp, or the clamp goes in the front so you can slip it through a sound hole and clamp your harp down tightly.

Return policy: If your Smart Stand does not suit you for any reason, just return it in new condition, insured, for a refund. All you pay is shipping. Refunds are issued upon receipt of the undamaged stand. Returns of a defective stand must be arranged by email or phone with the vendor.

Laurie now offers a free ergonomic Zoom session to all customers to help you get comfortable with your Smart Stand.

Questions? E-mail

For an online or printable order form, see the ORDER FORM page.

This is a unique patented design (#D880207) and may not be copied for any purpose. No copies may be made for personal or commercial purposes. Doing so violates patent laws and can lead to litigation.

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