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What Harps Work with the Smart Stand?

The Smart Stand ™ is designed for harps up to a maximum of 15 pounds, with flat or staved back.  The sound holes  must be at least 1-3/4 inch in diameter. You can adjust the position and height of the reversible knob/clamp at the top of the stand: there are several levels of adjustment to set the right height for you. The knob goes in the front it you want quick and easy attachment/removal of the harp, or the clamp goes in the front so you can slip it through a sound hole and clamp your harp down tightly.
Never use the smart Stand to support the weight of your body. It is designed for instruments only.

Here’s a partial list of harps that work with the Smart Stand (harps up to 13 lbs only):

Harps of Lorien 23 and 26 strings
Lewis Creek Jesse and Nightingale
Rees Morgan Meghan 27 and 23 strings Harpsicle, Fullsicle, Sharpsicle, Flatsicle
Blevins Vesper, Aspen, Belvinsong, Bouree, Cameo, Eden, Melody, Blue Heron, Xythara
Stoney End Brea, Eve, Brittany, Evensong, Esabelle, Rebecca
Boulding Oladion and Tristy
Triplett Zephyr, Christina, Avalon
Folkcraft Erin 22-string
Heartland Infinity, Air Serenity (the curved back is OK)
Marini Hallel 22 and 27, “Lap Harp”, Shekinah, Minstrel
Westover therapy harp

…and many others!

Double-strung models by these names may also be used with the Smart Stand if they are 13 lbs. or under.

If you don’t see your model listed here, the criteria are: 13 lbs or under, flat or staved back, at least one sound hole of 2″ diameter or more.

Questions? E-mail laurie@laurieriley

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