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Troubleshooting, Page 1

  1. If the foot on your stand does not stay open when it should, you can easily tighten the hinges. See this video:

2. If you can’t get the harp close enough to you when it’s on the stand, it may be because the harp is too low. Your harp should be about the height of your chin or earlobe. Put the knob/clamp assembly in the highest position, and if that doesn’t help, use a lower sound hole on your harp (which makes the harp higher). If that makes it too high, experiment with the knob/clamp in a lower position (there are five choices) while using a lower sound hole on the harp. If using a lower sound hole makes your harp flop sideways because it’s top-heavy, use the clamp to keep it securely in place; switch the knob to the back and the clamp to the front. Follow instructions in the instruction packet that came with your stand to use the clamp properly.

3. If your harp slides side to side on the stand, use the two rubber dots that came in your instruction packet. See the video on the home page of this website to see where to place them.

4. If you are not comfortable with your harp on the stand, see the ergonomic video at

5. For any questions, feel free to email for advice or to arrange for a Zoom session.

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